A collection of 30 immortal letters - 27

A collection of 30 immortal letters - 27

Kneeling Down of the Ego

Beloved Dhyana Siddhi, Love. We kneel down to ourselves. Because, we kneel down to the gods we make out of our experience or out of our desires and dreams, or out of our so called logic and foolish arguments. This is neither humility, nor prayer. Rather, on the contrary this is the most egoistic attitude possible. The true religious mind is one which just kneels down, not to anyone, not to any IMAGE in particular. This kneeling down is nothing but a flowering of one's own total nothingness. Then this kneeling down becomes an inner way of life. And, unless prayer is such, prayer is not. One cannot pray, one can only be prayerful. (To: Ma Dhyana Siddhi, New York, U.S.A.) 15-5-1971