A collection of 30 immortal letters - 24

A collection of 30 immortal letters - 24

24. Be Free of the Mind – Prison

Dear Michael, Love. Do not continue circling in the old rut. And, the way out is just by the hand. The mind is the past - the dead past. One has to break it somewhere and jump out of it. The mind is the prison - the slavery. Be free of it. And, the moment is ripe. Of course I know that you are still not clearly aware of it. But you are not unaware also. Gather courage and jump into the unknown. And, only one step is enough. Because, the next follows it automatically. But do not go on thinking and thinking and thinking. Thinking promises to lead you somewhere. But the promise remains always a promise. Because thinking is just impotent - as far as life is concerned. So, please, be existential. Do not hesitate. And you have nothing to lose - because you have nothing! Realize this and be NOTHING - NO-ONE 26-4-1971 (To, Mr. Michael Graham, London, England.)