A collection of 30 immortal letters - 19

A collection of 30 immortal letters - 19

19. Jump into the Unknown

Beloved Bhakti, Love. The gates of the temple are wide open - and it is only after thousands of years that such opportunity comes to this earth. And, know well that they will not remain open for ever. And, the opportunity can be lost very easily. And, you are still wavering. And, you are still hesitating - to enter or not to enter - to be or not to be. I know that the challenge is great. But I know also that your being is completely ready to take the jump. Hence, my insistent call for you to come and enter. And, this is not for the first time that I have called you - nor the first life. I know you, Bhakti, since so many births. And, soon you will also remember many things. But not before the jump. And only your superficial persona is resisting - not you. And it is expected to resist always because the moment one takes the plunge into the unknown it has to die naturally. So, please, do not identify yourself with it. Be a witness to it. And you will be in the jump. Oh! It is time enough to die to the old ego and be reborn to the supreme self. 17-4-1971 (To, Ma Yoga Bhakti, New York, U.S.A.)