A collection of 30 immortal letters - 17

A collection of 30 immortal letters - 17

17. Ego - the Creator of all the Agonies

Beloved Bhakti, Love. Be ordinary - so ordinary that virtually you come to be no-body. And, there is the opening. And, there is the explosion. And, only when you are not - you are the extra-ordinary! But do not think about it. And, do not crave for it. And, if the craving comes - be aware and LAUGH. It will be stopped in awareness and the created energy will be used by the laughter. And, after the laugh you will feel a deep relaxation. And, then begin to dance or sing. And the negative state of the mind will be transformed into the positive. The craving to be someone - somebody is absolutely negative; because the ego is the negation of BEING. The ego is the principle of negation. And, if the negative is negated then you are positive. The ego is the source of all inferiority. But the trick is subtle. Because the ego promises superiority and only in the end results in inferiority. Decode this secret and understand it very clearly One who thinks in terms of superiority will remain always inferior - because they are two aspects of the same coin. Oh! Sow the seeds of superiority and you will reap the crop of inferiority.Begin with the longing of superiority and you will end with nothing but inferiority and all the hell that is involved in it. Begin with humbleness - with humility and you are nearer to the Divine. In fact, you are Divine but the ego will not allow you any gap to look into your own divinity. On the contrary, it will go on creating new imaginary heavens only to make way for new hells. Enter heaven and you are entering hell! Beware of this and beware of your so-called self - the creator of all the agonies that exist on earth. And be a NO-SELF and you will be THAT - you are already and have been always THAT which is bliss eternal. And freedom. And the cosmic BEING - The `Brahm' "Tatvamasi" - That art Thou, my Love. (To, Ma Yoga Bhakti, New York, U.S.A.) 16-4-1971